Cover-Bild African Americans - History, Politics and Culture

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African Americans - History, Politics and Culture

Buch + Klett Augmented

Gain insight into important topical issues with The Bigger Picture, a series of books and learning materials for students approaching English Abitur.

This volume covers the history, politics and culture of African Americans in the USA. We look at the following aspects, using a variety of text genres:

  1. Slavery and the Struggle for Freedom the history and consequences of trading in people
  2. Making a Way out of No Way: the struggle for freedom and equality
  3. African American Voices in American Culture: a short story, music, poetry

Extensive digital offers accompany the texts:

  • interview with Angie Thomas
  • Spotify playlists
  • videos on YouTube
  • a complete recording of all poems
  • additional texts for even more insights
  • comprehensive list of links
  • and many more

Be inspired to seek and understand the “bigger picture” of African Americans in the USA!

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