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Burkard Schemmel

Changeship - Workbook

Building and scaling next generation businesses in the digital polypol: Purpose driven - Customer dedicated - Sustainability enabled
This book is a hands-on guide that further illustrates the Changeship model and provides leaders with implementation advice. Based on the 10 phases this workbook graphically illustrates the 7 dimensions and link them to a holistic model. Leaders should define the 10 phases of their business model first. This can be related to the whole company or a specific team or even product. The next step is to define the dimensions:
1.Exponential growth potential.
2. Everything-as-a-service: Setup the business to meet the service standards and identify impacted business functions.
3. Mega trends: Assess how the business links to one or two of the mega trends.
4. Review business ethics considerations along 5 key questions.
5. Synthesize the firm's purpose.
Lastly, define success measurements: progress, Iteration, and outcomes and bring the process into a regular cycle of optimization. The last chapter contains a sample plan to manage the first 90 days of the transition. Refer to the main book for additional guidance.

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