Cover-Bild Arthur Young and the Corgi Mystery

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  • Verlag: Klett Sprachen GmbH
  • Genre: keine Angabe / keine Angabe
  • Seitenzahl: 112
  • Ersterscheinung: 24.09.2020
  • ISBN: 9783125309074
Don Haupt

Arthur Young and the Corgi Mystery

Lektüre inkl. Hörbuch für Smartphone + Tablet

It is early Friday morning and Detective Inspector Young and his team have been called to Buckingham Palace. A truly awful crime has taken place: Skiddi, the Queen’s favourite corgi, has disappeared! The team are hoping to solve the case quickly, but things turn out to be … very puzzling and certainly far more complicated than expected. Will they find all the clues, follow the right leads and catch the culprit? Will they be in time to save Skiddi? The clock is ticking …

Klett Augmented will be available on September 28th 2020

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