Cover-Bild 24 Daily Exercises in all keys

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  • Verlag: Schott Music
  • Themenbereich: Kunst - Musik
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  • Ersterscheinung: 22.06.2022
  • ISBN: 9783795727543
Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer

24 Daily Exercises in all keys

Op. 155: for Cello
Tobias Bonz (Herausgeber)

Dotzauer études have been part of the standard repertoire in cello lessons for generations. Friedrich Dotzauer (1783-1860) was among the major cellists and cello pedagogues of the 19th century and knew what makes a good étude: it should deal specifically with a certain technical problem and at the same time not be monotonous, but musically appealing. The cellist of the Leipzig Gewandhaus and the Dresden Hofkapelle managed to do that in an exemplary manner. 24 Caprici in tutti tuoni Op. 35 (1816) is Dotzauer's masterpiece, wonderfully showing off the varied tone colours and playing techniques of the violoncello. Demanding études for lessons and performances, with beautiful melodic and harmonic ideas, some with slow expressive introductions, some with artistic arpeggios or contrapuntal polyphony. Our new edition follows the original sources and contains the original text.

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