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Nicolas Dreyer

Literature Redeemed

“Neo-Modernism” in the Works of the Post-Soviet Russian Writers Vladimir Sorokin, Vladimir Tuchkov and Aleksandr Khurgin

In the post-Soviet period, discussions of “postmodernism” in Russian literature have proliferated. Based on close literary analysis of representative works of fiction by three post-Soviet Russian writers – Vladimir Sorokin, Vladimir Tuchkov and Aleksandr Khurgin – this book investigates the usefulness and accuracy of the notion of “postmodernism” in the post-Soviet context.
Classic Russian literature, renowned for its pursuit of aesthetic, moral and social values, and the modernism that succeeded it have often been seen as antipodes to postmodernist principles. The author wishes to dispute this polarity and proposes “post-Soviet neo-modernism” as an alternative concept. “Neo-modernism” embodies the notion that post-Soviet writers have redeemed the tendency of earlier literature to seek the meaning of human existence in a transcendent realm, as well as in the treasures of Russia’s cultural past.

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