Cover-Bild Oxidische und sulfidische HPPMS-Beschichtungen für den Einsatz in der Zerspan- und Umformtechnik

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Serhan Bastürk

Oxidische und sulfidische HPPMS-Beschichtungen für den Einsatz in der Zerspan- und Umformtechnik

Al2O3 plays an important role in the machining industry due to its high hot hardness and chemical stability. Physical vapor deposition (PVD)-Al2O3 coatings by means of medium frequency Magnetron Sputtering (mfMS) have already proven their capabilities in the machining of hard-to-machine materials. High power pulsed magnetron sputtering (HPPMS) technology could offer an improvement of the coating morphology and properties due to high ionization of the sputtered material. In this connection, deposition of the Al2O3 by means of HPPMS is not fundamentally researched so far. It is still unclear which phases could be deposited and how the process parameters affect the phase formation. The first objective of this work is to transfer the knowledge about the deposition of HPPMS-Al2O3 coatings and their application to the industrial level, to create new areas for promising coating systems and thus to contribute to the development of machining technology of the h
ard-to-machine materials.

PVD coatings took over the tasks of lubricants in numerous applications in the recent years. However, most attempts to realize dry metal cold forging of steel failed so far. The combination of (Cr,Al)N and MoS2 coating by means of HPPMS for outstanding tribological properties combined with excellent mechanical properties is a promising candidate in order to replace lubricants on highly loaded tools in dry cold forging. HPPMS technology offers outstanding advantages in terms of high hardness and dense morphology. The second objective of the present work is the development of innovative self-lubricating HPPMS coatings for the application in cold-forging of steel. The focus is on the combination of MoS2 coatings with (Cr,Al)N).

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