Cover-Bild Evolutionary Environments homo sapiens – an Endangered Species?

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  • Verlag: Studia Universitätsverlag Innsbruck
  • Themenbereich: Gesellschaft und Sozialwissenschaften - Politik und Staat
  • Genre: Sachbücher / Politik, Gesellschaft & Wirtschaft
  • Seitenzahl: 376
  • Ersterscheinung: 05.07.2018
  • ISBN: 9783903030602
Wolfgang Sassin, Oleg A. Donskikh, Sergey A. Komissarov, Alexandre Gnes, LIU DEPEI

Evolutionary Environments homo sapiens – an Endangered Species?

Ever more upheavals and human tsunamis definitely require an unbiased analysis of
human plate tectonics – and of those driving forces leading to cultural drifts, thereby
subduing and melting age-old values. “Mankind needs more than one planet to
survive” is nothing but sending SOS from an Ark named Planet Earth. Instead homo
sapiens must respect basic principles demonstrated by evolution and live up to his
own limits.
Humanity, understood and striven for as the ultimate WE, has meanwhile become the
pacemaker of evolution.
But are "man" and "globalization" at all suitable figures of thought that guarantee the
survival of homo sapiens? Or are they concepts that already seduced the fathers of the
Tower of Babel, if not Adam and Eve when both tasted a few fruits of the tree of
cognition promising to control a wider reality?
Did the General Assembly of the United Nations really prevent wars since its
foundation more than 70 years ago? Or did it not directly contribute to the emergence
of a global order relying on the mental determinedness to assure mutual destruction
of two emerging world powers?
And even more important: Did the Charta of the UN not contribute substantially to
those very problems which now endanger the physical survival of mankind that has
proliferated without rhyme or reason?
Do we not blindly follow a course set by individuals such as Eleanor Roosevelt,
Stéphane Hessel, or Albert Schweitzer, eventually leading to a world order analogous
to the one needed to stabilize a jailhouse ?
Even more intriguing: Are worshipped values such as baby love, altruism and
permanent economic growth not turning into mental drugs inflicting a planet with a
cancerous plague ?
These and other questions have led the authors with different cultural backgrounds to
reconsider the age-old question: Who are WE? and How can homo sapiens limit
himself? at times when both our physical as well as our mental environments develop
quite disturbing characteristics – turning homo sapiens into an endangered species.

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