Cover-Bild Golden Rosenkreuzer Wirth Tarot

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  • Verlag: Aurinia Verlag
  • Genre: Sachbücher / Esoterik
  • Seitenzahl: 144
  • Ersterscheinung: 17.12.2018
  • ISBN: 9783943012958
Oswald Wirth

Golden Rosenkreuzer Wirth Tarot

Golden Deluxe Edition mit Booklet in Deutsch English Français
First authentic reproduction of this unique Tarot since its initial publication in 1926. High quality, professional restoration of the 22 Major Arcana. Hand-made in Germany.

Oswald Wirth’s tarot images are informed by his deep study of the whole spectrum of western esotericism, and they are also illuminated, not only by his knowledge and understanding, but also by his artistry: a combination of graphic skill and the inspired use of gold in their colouring.

And although Wirth’s cards can be used for divination, their golden ground points us to their primary purpose: to provide symbolic images for meditative reflection; to change the dross of our material selves into the gold of true spiritual understanding.

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