Cover-Bild Wer erinnert sich? Die fünfziger Jahre

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  • Verlag: Schott Music
  • Genre: keine Angabe / keine Angabe
  • Seitenzahl: 104
  • Ersterscheinung: 25.03.2020
  • ISBN: 9783795700799
Thomas Lotz

Wer erinnert sich? Die fünfziger Jahre

Rätseln, singen, erzählen, zurückblicken. Ausgabe mit CD.
This practical book is all about the 1950s. What happened in the areas of music, film, sports and travelling at that time? What did people eat and drink? How did they furnish their homes?Little stories, puzzles, many questions, songs and biographical questions recall to the mind the time of Germany's economic miracle, the "heroes of Berne" and the Germans' new-found desire to travel. All important areas of life are addressed in 15 chapters. The accompanying CD contains the appropriate hits of the 1950s for singing along and moving to the music.All who were young then will fondly remember those days.

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